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Thwart Belly Fat With These 8 Great Diet Supplements

Diet SupplementsIn a world full of super models and plastic surgery, there can be a lot of pressure to look like the latest issue of Vogue. And this constant stream of images can pressure people into dieting. Beauty is always a factor, but the goal of dieting should always be health. It is okay to diet as long as it is healthy and safe! (Read: Meet Your Weight Loss Goals with 10 Dieting Tips)

There have been many trends over the years about dieting. Sometimes it is a special shake, sometimes it is a special pill, and sometimes it is some really weird combination of things you probably should never ever put into your body. With all of the crazy trends out there, how can you tell what works and what doesn’t? One of the best places to start is with more natural solutions.

If you find a magic new diet pill that claims to melt fat away after one week but you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients then run far, far away! Try to stick to ingredients that you are familiar with—you don’t want to put crazy stuff in your body!

Exercise and healthy food choices are a great place to start with dieting, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough. It is always good to consult a doctor if you are considering taking any kind of supplement for weight loss. Although many supplements are harmless, some could be dangerous. Also, your doctor will know which supplements will work better for your body and your medical history.

Once you have consulted a doctor, you can enter into the realm of diet supplements. Here are some great, more natural, diet supplements that can aid in weight loss if used in moderation and used consistently over time. Be sure to give your body a chance to adjust to them before you decide if they work. Usually two weeks is a good litmus test.

Also, be weary of creating a supplement cocktail because there could be some very negative affects. If one isn’t working, give your body a chance to detox before you try the next one. As long as you are using them responsibly and in moderation, diet supplements can be your solution to burn belly fat!

  1. 7-Keto. This is a supplement that helps to boost your metabolism. The reason why a quick metabolism is beneficial for weight loss is because a faster metabolism helps to burn fat! For those that have noticed that their metabolisms have been slowing down, this would be the perfect supplement for you. The key to dosage for using 7-Keto is to be sure that you maintain a steady amount of it in your blood stream throughout the day. This helps keep your metabolism stable, which helps to curb your appetite and burn good levels of fat throughout the day.
  2. Forskolin. This is a more natural supplement, found in the roots of herbal mint plants. This helps to break down stored fat in cells which results in weight loss. It also increases lean body mass. You would want to take Forskolin in the morning, and maintain an even dosage over time.
  3. Caraway Seeds. Bloating is a common problem that can have an easy solution. Bloating happens because of bad bacteria releasing gases into your intestine. Caraway seeds stop the growth of that bad bacteria, therefore not leaving any chance for bloating! They can also eliminate gases that have already formed. If you eat a handful of seeds after every meal, they will prevent the formation of those bad gases. This is a great place to start for people wanting to get healthy and drop a little bit of weight. It is also good for people that have recently lost a bunch of weight and want to keep that weight off!
  4. Relora. Sometimes, the biggest contributor to weight gain is actually stress. Not only do many people “stress eat,” but many also retain more weight simply because they are stressed—even if they are eating normal portions! There are definitely ways to reduce stress, but one of the supplements that you can use to eliminate weight gained from stress is Relora. Relora helps to reduce stress, and helps the body to get rid of fat stored because of stress. Try this supplement out to reduce your stress and your weight retention!  (Read: Free Yourself From Stress in 9 Easy Ways)
  5. Fucoxanthin. This supplement helps promote weight loss in individual fat cells. The benefit to a supplement promoting fat loss in fat cells is that it is getting to the source instead of simply losing weight where it doesn’t matter. Fat cells are necessary in the body, but some fat cells are over-reactive and retain too much fat. Fucoxanthin can eliminate unnecessary fat in these fat cells.
  6. Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This is a supplement that is found naturally in green tea. This is a great trick for people dieting: If you feel hungry, but have already eaten a lot that day, drink a cup of green tea. Usually, the green tea will curb your hunger. The reason why this is effective is because of the conjugated linoleic acid in green tea. This acid helps to promote cells to release fat, resulting in weight loss and an increase in lean body mass. For those skeptical of dietary supplements, this is a great option because it can be found naturally.
  7. Polyphenols. This supplement helps to boost resting metabolism. Having a quick metabolism is great to help promote weight loss because it helps you process food more quickly. Having a good resting metabolism is great because your body is burning fat even when you aren’t active. This is also found naturally and therefore has less side affects.
  8. Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to signal cells whether to store or release fat. This is crucial for cells to function properly. When cells aren’t healthy, they tend to retain more fat. Vitamin D helps cells to function well and to keep the membranes pure. The great thing about Vitamin D is that it is found naturally in many foods, so you don’t have to buy a bunch of pills! Vitamin D works best when paired with Calcium, so be sure to drink more milk!



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