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11 Ways to Workout and Keep Your Feminine Form

Workout for WomenAs women, we are always trying to look our best and keep up with our figure. In the midst of all the dieting, skin care regiments, and shopping, we can forget about the benefit of a good work out.

Of course one fear some women may have is of becoming too muscular and bulky, and losing that womanly female form. For this reason they might avoid weights or not exercise as hard. But, with the right list of exercises and workout regimen, it is very possible for a woman to be in tip-top shape and still retain her feminine form.

This list contains different types of exercise so that you can choose what is best suited for your body and personality! This list also contains specific exercises for specific areas of the body. And as with any sort of workout you should keep a routine that rotates exercises to achieve the best results.

Try these tips for work outs crafted for women and watch your body take a shape that you will want to brag about!

  1. Yoga. Yoga is great for everyone, but it is especially great for women that are not necessarily focused on bulking up or loosing a lot of weight. Yoga works best for toning what you already have. It also increases flexibility and is good for stress (Read: Free Yourself From Stress in 9 Easy Ways).

  2. Ballet. Many girls dabbled in ballet as children, but why not pick it up again as an adult? It is a great exercise for women who really hate going to the gym, but who want to stay active. The benefits from ballet are similar to those from yoga, but ballet might be a little more “fun” for some women. If you find out that ballet isn’t for you, try a jazz class at whatever studio you are attending! Really any kind of dance can work, and you will eventually find your perfect fit!

  3. Aerobic Exercise. Aerobic exercise is great because it helps build strength and endurance without it seeming like so much of a typical work out. Do not get me wrong—it is definitely a lot of work! There are also different levels and types of aerobic exercise, so you can find what fits you best! Also, aerobic exercise might seem to get old or tiring very quick, so be sure to put in some headphones to get your pace up (Read: Music for Your Muscle – 18 Great Workout Tunes).

  4. Running. There are two types of people in the world: people who love running and people who definitely do not love running. If you are one of those who love it, do it! Running is a great way to stay in shape, build endurance, and relieve stress. Running can also be social because you can run with your friends. Be sure to run in well-trafficked areas so that you stay safe!

  5. Swimming. Swimming is great for women that have had injuries because swimming is very easy on the body. It is great for women that have bad joints, especially knees. Swimming is a very aerobic exercise and can help you stay in shape and even shed a couple of pounds! Just remember, never swim alone!

  6. Walking. Although some people might consider walking overrated, it is actually a great place to start for women just getting in to exercising. Go on a walk with your dog or go on a walk with your best friend! Either way, you are getting good aerobic exercise and are preparing your body for more intense workouts.

    Now for some more specific types of exercises for particular parts of the body!

  7. Planks. This exercise will help strengthen your whole body, with a lot of focus on your arms and core. It is definitely a challenge, but you will get better at it the more you try it! Doing planks will be incredibly difficult when you first try them, but it will be worth it to keep practicing this exercise! Lie flat on your stomach and then lift yourself up onto your forearms, with your toes tucked under your feet. Hold this position as long as possible. If this is confusing to figure out, check out some YouTube videos for the correct form!

  8. Arms. A really simple (not necessarily easy!) arm exercise can be accomplished in your room! This exercise will help to strengthen your arms and your shoulders, and you can add on to it to make it more challenging. Extend both of your arms to the side of your body, where they are parallel with the ground. Start to move them in small circles, in a clockwise direction, then move them in a counter-clockwise direction. Slowly increase the size of your circle every time you alternate. To make this more challenging, use weights!

  9. Abs. We are always looking for ways to trim down our middle section, and there are some really easy ways to work out your abs without ever leaving the house! In order to get your entire middle section involved, try crunches with a twist (literally!). Instead of doing a normal crunch try lifting your left knee to touch your right elbow, and then your right knee to your left elbow. Repeat this motion for however many sets you feel like you need or can manage. Alternate these twisting crunches with a regular crunch. This exercise will help strengthen your core more than a normal crunch or sit up would (Read: 6 Excellent Ab-Ripping Exercises to Adopt Right Now).

  10. Thighs. Wall sits look easy, but in reality they will start to burn very quickly! This exercise is great for your thighs because almost all of the strength for this exercise relies on them. In order to perform this exercise, you put your back to a wall, and then pretend like you are sitting on a chair, making a ninety-degree angle with your legs. Hold this position as long as possible, rest, and repeat. The more you do this exercise, the more you will see progress in the strength and look of your thighs.

  11. Calves. Toning calves can be tricky, but here are two great workouts for giving your calves the perfect shape!

    Remember playing with jump rope as a kid? Well, it’s time to bring it back! Using a jump rope is a great exercise for toning calves because you stay on your toes almost the entire time. The great thing about this exercise it that it is also fun!

    Another really easy calf exercise is doing calf raises. You could even use the steps in your house for this exercise! Just stand on the edge of a step, facing the stairs. Lower your heels as far down as your balance will allow you, then raise yourself all the way to your tiptoes. Repeat this exercise as many times as you are able, and be sure to rest in between sets to avoid painful cramps.



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