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Embellish Your Bathroom With These 10 DIY Tips

Remodel Your BathroomYour bathroom is just so outdated, but you really don’t have the money to fix it up right now. You just want it to look a little more modern—maybe like all those cool pictures on Pinterest—but you don’t know how (or where) to even start!

Remodeling the bathroom might not be as easy as say the kitchen or the bedroom (Read: Revamp Your Bedroom With 7 Basic DIY Ideas). The space is (for most people) so small that you will have trouble coming up with any ideas on your own. Also a small space means that it is really easy to go overboard in decorating, turning it into something less stylish and more gaudy. So be sure to look at your bathroom and decide for yourself which tips will be the most useful for you.

The great thing about DIY decorating is that it allows you to explore your creative side and most projects come with a very basic skill level requirement. So collect some tools and head out to the nearest hardware or craft store and get to work! Here are some tips to get you started on your new bathroom.

  1. Personalize your linens. Now when I say personalize, I am not really talking about going out and monogramming all of your towels (although you definitely could do that). I am talking about putting your personal touch on older, outdated linens so that you can liven them up a little bit. One really easy thing to do is to either use a shower curtain you already have, or just go buy a cheap plain one, and give it a little pizzazz. The most simple way to do this is with fabric glue and ribbon. You can give your plain shower curtain a pop of color by gluing some pretty ribbon (or other fabric) in patterns or making it into a border. You can do the same thing with your towels so that they compliment your shower curtain! And you are already off to a good start since shower curtains can dominate most bathrooms.

  2. Use distressed/found wood. Your towel bar is so drab and so plain. Your hooks are pretty boring. Well, the simple (and frequently overlooked) solution is to mount them to something other than your wall first! There are a couple of different options here. If you are going for a more rustic look, you could use wood from old shipping pallets, attach the hooks or rod to the wood, and then attach the wood to the wall. You can do the same thing with a 2×4 and either stain it or paint it to bring out an accent color. You will immediately see a difference—so get creative!

  3. Use crates. Need more shelving? Instead of buying a bulky standing unit or plain, generic shelves, use crates! This is a great opportunity to do something a little different and to tie in a theme because you can coordinate your crates with whatever you decide to do with your towel bar. Not only are crates a cute alternative to traditional shelving, but they are cheap and functional! Check your local grocery store and see if they have crates lying around—who knows, you could end up getting them for free!

  4. Stencil the ceiling. This DIY suggestion is a little trickier, however, it can completely transform a room. Choose a simple stencil and instead of just having a plain, normal ceiling in your bathroom, you could have an elegant touch of your accent color that will impress your guests! This is great for smaller bathrooms because you can add a little style without it being overwhelming. This look could also be accomplished with wallpaper if you have the right type of ceiling. There are a lot of options with this DIY trick, so be prepared to try a couple of things until you find the perfect fit for your bathroom!

  5. Use fabric. Too much exposed plumbing under the sink? Can’t afford cabinets? Make a curtain! This is a super easy fix and it can add some color and texture to your bathroom (not to mention hide all of that ugly, but necessary, plumbing). If you are unsure about your sewing skills, have no fear! Anything can be accomplished with a little bit of fabric glue! One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy your fabric, put a little elastic in the top (if you want a bunched look), and then attach it to your sink with Velcro. That way, you can still take it off if you need to access something.

  6. Reuse old towels. You just can’t bring yourself to get rid of those old, worn-in towels. However, you also don’t want them hanging around for the world to see. Instead of throwing them away, turn them into a rug! Old towels work great as rugs in bathrooms because they are super absorbent of water. All you have to do is cut your towel into strips, knot them together, and add a plastic bottom so that the water doesn’t ruin your floors. And just like that, you have a new rug made with your old towel!

  7. Use wallpaper. Many bathrooms are way too small to cover with wallpaper; however, you can still find uses for it! Do you have an outdated cabinet? Instead of painting it, cover it in wallpaper to add a little texture! This is a great way to incorporate some color and pattern without it being completely overwhelming. Also, a great way to finish off your new cabinet is by replacing the knobs—sometimes, that is all it needed in the first place!

  8. Mason jars and cookie tins. Storage in bathrooms can be limited. Sometimes, you run out of drawer and cabinet space. A great way to compromise on storage without having to reinvent your bathroom is to use mason jars or cookie tins to store things. Mason jars are great because you can find all different sizes and, in some cases, colors. They are great for storing things like cotton balls or q-tips. Old cookie tins can give your bathroom a little bit of character. They are great for storing extra makeup, or even for hiding a roll of toilet paper. There are endless possibilities for storage when using mason jars and cookie tins, so get ready for some awesome organization!

  9. Wine rack. Although it might be a good idea to just keep a bottle of wine in your bathroom for those long, relaxing bubble baths, this wine rack is not for wine—it’s for your towels! Folding up towels can take up space and it usually doesn’t end up looking very pretty. So instead of just having your towels sitting around, roll them up and stick them in a charming wine rack for an interesting twist on a normal storage trick. This creative use of a wine rack will be sure to have your friends talking, so get ready to help them redo their bathrooms next!

  10. Old vases. Old vases, whether big or small, can be pretty alternatives to storage. Small vases are a great way to display and store your make up brushes—not to mention they are easy to access! Vases can also be used to hold toothbrushes instead of a typical cup. Those kinds of little touches can take your bathroom from okay to elegant. Be sure to check out antique stores for more little treasures like vases!



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