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7 Signs You Landed Your Dream Job

Finding Dream JobSo many people settle for jobs that lead to misery. They hate what they do, they hate their boss, and they are underpaid.

There are different reasons why people settle for such dissatisfying positions. Maybe they lack the proper education required for other jobs. Maybe they have an education but with the job market as competitive as it is right now they can’t afford to spend time searching around. Or maybe they are simply doing it because it is a high profile job and it pays very well, because who doesn’t love money?

The workplace and the employees all suffer when the people working there hate their jobs. However, work does not have to be like this. There are many different resources that can help you zero in on and obtain your ideal job.

Read this list to see if you have landed your dream job—and if you have not, at least you will know what to look for!

  1. You’re not doing it for the money. Not that money doesn’t matter, but in your dream job, the money will be more like a bonus than the reason to wake up each morning. So many people land incredible “perfect” jobs that they absolutely hate, but they stick with it because it gets the bills paid. A sign that you are not just doing this job because you need money is that you would do this job even if you didn’t get paid at all. Your top priority is not to get a raise or to get overtime; it is to show up everyday, do what you love, do it well, and then, as an extra, get a pay check for doing something you enjoy.

  2. Your friends are excited for you. Friends tend to be a good gauge for what you are “truly” feeling. For example, if you think you have found the perfect person, you will be able to tell if that person really is perfect for you once he or she meets your friends. If they give the thumbs up, you can safely continue with the relationship. But if they disapprove, you can trust that there is something you aren’t seeing.

    This applies to a job. If your friends are completely supportive and are rejoicing with you over your job, it is probably because the job is perfect, not because you are making a lot of money. Friends tend to be more concerned with your happiness than your bank account, so when you see your friends excited about your job, that is a pretty good sign that it is, in fact, your dream job.

  3. You talk about your job a lot—and not in a bad way. When most people talk about work, they talk about it in a negative way. They are always upset about something their boss did, or how mundane the work is, or how much they hate their job. And here you come, all excited about the project you’re working on, talking about how awesome your boss is, telling everyone the really funny thing your coworker said this morning.

    To say the least, you are probably “that” friend—that friend who is annoying because everyone else is incredibly jealous. However, being “that” friend is definitely worth it because it means that you have somehow managed to find your dream job. You might want to remember that not everyone is as lucky as you, so maybe tone the bragging down—but at least you are doing something you love!

  4. You are “overachieving”. A sign that you hate your job is that you just do the bare minimum required in order to get paid and appease your boss. If you are going above and beyond it is safe to say you love your job. Overachieving is also a sign that you are passionate about what you do. If you can find a way to get paid for what you are passionate about, you have definitely found your dream job. Being passionate about your job will lead to more success because you are more invested in your work.

    Doing more than what is expected of you is a sign that you actually love what you do because you are doing the work for the sake of doing it—not because you have to. Overachieving is a sure sign that you have somehow found your dream job—especially if you are passionate about what you do!

  5. You get along with your boss and co-workers. You have a great relationship with your boss, and your co-workers are turning into your best friends: that is a sure sign that you have found your dream job. Most people hate their jobs because of the people they work with. It would be a great job if so-and-so wasn’t working there, or if your boss wasn’t such a jerk. If you have found people that you love to work with, you are in luck.

    Good relationships with the people you are surrounded with is good for your well-being, and it is good for your growth as a person because the people around you are encouraging you and helping you learn. If you have found people you enjoy to be around at work, it is safe to say that you have found your dream job.

  6. You can see yourself moving forward—it isn’t a “dead end”. Many people get in a rut with their jobs. They aren’t necessarily moving backwards, but they definitely aren’t moving forwards. This kind of rut can be incredibly discouraging and can cause hateful feelings towards the job itself. If you have landed a job that isn’t dead end, you might have landed your dream job. Most people need some kind of incentive to make work meaningful.

    If you can see yourself moving up in the company you work for, there is a good chance that you will work harder and enjoy what you do. You will also have a more positive work experience with the people around you because you are honestly trying to do your best—you are carrying your weight. Jobs that have potential are dream jobs for anyone.

  7. You are good at it—you get to play to your strengths. One of the most frustrating feelings about a job is feeling like you are wasting your time or that your work is “beneath” you. Humans want to realize their full potential rather than just doing what they need to do to get by. One of the signs that you have landed your dream job is that you are good at what you do and that you are playing to your strengths.

    Being good at your job will inspire you to continue doing good work and it will be noticed by those around you. If you are constantly playing to your strengths, you will become even better at what you do and will feel a sense of fulfillment in your work. If you are good at your job, stick with it—it is probably your dream job!



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