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Rock Your ‘Do – 12 Quick and Easy DIY Hairstyles for Women

Messy Bun HairstyleYou’re getting ready for the day, or maybe even for a date, and you have the perfect outfit picked out. You just bought that new pair of shoes you had been eyeing at the Mall and you even have some new jewelry that will complete your look! You carefully apply your makeup, finishing it off with a touch of lipstick (Read: 8 Products for Lasting, Luscious Lipcolor). But now you get to the hardest part—your hair.

It never seems to work the same way twice! You try one hairstyle one day and the next day you can’t make it happen even if your life depended on it. Why does hair always do that? Why is it so unpredictable?

Luckily, there are some simple hairstyles that you can always rely on, no matter what mood your hair is in. Every girl needs some reliable ways to do her hair so that she does not have to stress every time it gets to that part in her routine. You will find these styles simple to accomplish and even a little fun!

It is always a better day when you are having a good hair day, so try these tips for easy hairstyles until you find the ones perfect for your unique style and unique hair!

  1. Messy Bun. One of the really popular styles recently is the “messy bun.” This is a great hairstyle because it has become socially acceptable to look a little bit like a hot mess—on purpose. However, it is a little trickier than it really should be to achieve this look. In order for it to look effortless, you have to put a little effort into it. One of the best ways to accomplish this look is a little pulling and a little hairspray. Pull your hair into a bun like you normally would, then pull some pieces out. Put them back in your bun so that it looks a little messy. Then pull the hair a little bit that is on top of your head so that it isn’t lying flat. This creates a little volume. Once you have finished, spray your hair so that it stays in place all day!
  2. Ballerina Bun. This is also a popular trend and is known to some people as a “sock bun.” The reason it is called a sock bun is because some people use a sock to create the shape of the bun. If you cut the end of a sock, then roll it in on itself, it will form into the shape of a donut. Then, you roll your hair back into it to create a bun on your head. Another way to do this if you have shorter hair is to start out putting your hair into a ponytail. Then, take bobby pins and fold your hair back to that it creates the shape of a bun. This one could take some practice and you might need to look up some videos in order to perfect your method. Just remember, your technique will vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair.
  3. Down and Curly. Every girl loves curls—this is a classic. There are a couple of ways that you can accomplish this hairstyle. Depending on how much body your hair has, you might not even have to curl all of it. Some might want a more wavy look while others might want ringlets. There are a huge variety of tools to accomplish curls. You could use a wand curling iron, a classic curling iron, or even a straightener (I know, crazy, right?!). This is also something you would want to find videos for if you don’t know how to curl hair. No matter what tactic you decide to use, be sure to use hair spray to keep your curls bouncy. Also, if you want a more wavy look, you can brush through your hair from the top down it will help the curl to fall a little bit for a more natural look.
  4. Down and Straight. This is a great look for just everyday activities. Straight hair has become a norm, but there are a couple of things you want to avoid with your straight hair. First, don’t destroy your hair. It is so easy fry your hair if you try to straighten it every day. Make sure you are alternating straightening it with some other hairstyle in order to keep your hair healthy. Also, try to avoid flat hair. You still want a little bit of body in your hair, and one way to accomplish this is by straightening some pieces in the wrong direction and then replacing it. For example, if you normally part your hair one way, straighten the pieces closest to your part in the opposite direction and then put them back where they normally go. This will create body even though your hair is silky straight.
  5. Low Bun. A low bun can be a more elegant looking bun. It can also look more laid back, depending on your outfit. This is a pretty low profile hairstyle, so it is great when you don’t really want to deal with your hair. Pull your hair back to the nape of your neck, twist it into a bun, and secure it with a hair tie. Simple as that!
  6. Braids. There is so much that can be said for braids. You can put your hair back in a single braid, you could do pigtails, and you can use braids if you pull your hair halfway back. Braids are a nice way to spice up a normal style. For example, you could braid your hair and then pull it back into a bun for a different texture. Next time you are feeling like you need something a little different, try experimenting with braids!
  7. Pin Up. Any hairstyle involving bobby pins requires a little more practice. However, they aren’t impossible to accomplish. One of the easiest things to do is to twist back pieces of hair and then pin them. Keep doing this until all of your hair is up—just make sure you aren’t afraid to use a lot of hairspray!
  8. Halfway Sweep. For this hairstyle, you will literally want to just sweep back about half of your hair, keeping your part in tact, and clip or pin it. Don’t try to make it neat or tight, just pull it back and let it look loose. This is a great style for everyday use because it is pretty but very simple. You can use bobby pins or a clip for the back. Also, you can wear your hair curly or straight for this look.
  9. Halfway Back. With this halfway style, you will pull your hair back like you would for a bun or ponytail but you will only pull back half of it. This style can have a little more volume because you can tease your hair a little bit. This can be casual, but it can also look really elegant because it creates a little bit of a neater, more put together look. Again, you can wear your hair curly or straight with this look.
  10. French Braid Variations. Learning how to do French braids can be a task, but it is a worthy skill to learn. Doing a simple French braid is a classic but you can also do variations of French braids. For example, you can braid your bangs back or you can do a French braid up into a bun. This is a fun hairstyle trick to look up videos for—people have gotten pretty creative!
  11. Accessories. As girls, we love accessories—so who wouldn’t want accessories for hair! You can use headbands, flowers, clips, or scarves to spice up a hairstyle. For example, instead of just wearing your hair down, put a headband on your head to give a little dimension. You can also put your hair up into a bun and put a headband on to give volume. Flowers are really fun to use in your hair. When you pin your hair back, just tuck a flower in there somewhere to give little pop of color—also they make you feel super feminine and pretty!
  12. Full Body Ponytail. Although most girls think that ponytails can only be worn when you are working out or “scrubbing,” there is a way to make ponytails look really elegant and pretty. One of the things you can do is tease the top layer of your hair so that you have some volume on the top of your head. Also, you can straighten your ponytail for a cleaner look, or you can curl the ends for a more carefree look. Don’t be afraid to wear your hair in a ponytail!



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