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Can This Marriage Be Saved? – 3 Hard Questions to Answer


The question, “Can this marriage be saved” demands a lot of blunt, objective honesty. This article reveals the 3 hard questions you need to ask…and answer. Before we get into the meat of this article, we have to ask you (and your partner) to be honest with yourselves and ask this question, “Do both of you really want to make ... Read More »

How To Deal With Infidelity: The 4 Key Stages


No matter who you are or what happened, there are countless people who have been in your situation, and have successfully dealt with infidelity. If your partner cheated on you, then you have a right to feel hurt, angry, and less trusting. Other emotions might be low self-esteem, fear, and not being able to “look at them the same way.” ... Read More »

Suspect Cheating? Start With These 9 Signs


It can be very painful suspecting that your significant other is cheating on you. While conducting research for this article, it became very obvious that many, many people have gone through what you’re going through. The tricky thing here is that you want to give your significant other the benefit of the doubt. It would be horrible to accuse them ... Read More »

Going the Distance – 7 Ways to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Tips to Surviving Long Distance Relationship

Relationships are hard—throw in the factor of it being long distance and you have something that may seem impossible to keep together. Although long distance relationships have their challenges, don’t get discouraged when you hit bumps in the road. Just remember that all of your friends that have their significant other close by have to endure fights in person rather ... Read More »

Top 12 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids

Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids

Raising kids has all sorts of challenges. Some of these challenges can seem nearly impossible to overcome. However, it is all worth it when you child makes it to adulthood as a responsible, well-rounded person—getting there is the tricky part. One of the best things we can do for our children is teach them good habits. Habits will outlast a ... Read More »