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15 Fun Date Ideas for a Budding Relationship

Mini Golf DateThe beginnings of a relationship are so exciting! You are learning about each other without all of the pressure of a really intense relationship. One of the most important things to do when you are first getting in a relationship is to talk to each other—a lot.

You want to avoid going on dates that won’t allow for a lot of time to have conversations with each other. Once you are deeper into your relationship, the focus will shift to quality time. But at the beginning, you are still trying to figure each other out.

You don’t have to sit at a table for hours in order to have good conversations. You can still have fun and talk with each other!

If you are worried about how to have fun dates but still have good opportunities to talk with each other, worry no longer!

Try out these tips for the perfect date for a new relationship—and don’t be afraid to combine some of these into a super date if you are really trying to impress!

  1. Mini Golf. Mini Golf is a great activity for a “getting to know you date,” especially because you could go with a group of friends! It is a chance to have a friendly competition with enough time to talk in between shots. You also travel around the course so you feel like you are accomplishing something. Mini golf is a fun alternative to a more normal date option like dinner and a movie. Also, you will have something to talk about the whole time because you can talk about the game!
  2. Picnic. This is a classic—especially if your relationship has been developing and you want to take it to another level. A picnic is romantic enough to say that you are serious about each other but casual enough to not have a lot of pressure. You can also enjoy the nature around you and have a good time eating a meal together that is not at a restaurant (and therefore is not going to break the bank).
  3. Live Music. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a concert—it could be a band in a park or a coffee shop, or just a local guitar player. Either way, you will have an opportunity to have a shared experience. This is a particularly good option if you both have a love of music. Be sure to search around for local concerts because they usually have lower admission fees.
  4. Cooking Together. Although cooking can give some people anxiety, this can actually be a very fun date! You get to help each other out and it can get pretty flirty. This also gives you an opportunity to try something that you might not have tried before. Find out what your date’s favorite food is and then find a recipe that you can both try. Who knows, maybe it will be the beginning of a new hobby! (Read: You Don’t Have to be a Pro Chef to Cook Like a Pro)
  5. Netflix Night. Sometimes you just need a night in, and let’s be honest, sometimes you just need to binge on Netflix. Why not turn this into a date night? Find one of the most popular movies or TV shows on Netflix and watch it together—popcorn, candy, and soda included! The movie might end up being terrible, but at least you will have something to joke about later! (Read: 10 Movies Perfect for a First Date).
  6. Dance. Although some people are intimidated to dance, it can actually be a very fun thing to do. A great way to ensure a couple of dates is to find something like a Groupon for dance classes where you can learn waltzing or swing dancing. It will be fun to learn together and you will be able to go on more dancing dates in the future!
  7. Dinner Roulette. Now, because this is by nature roulette, it can definitely be risky. Drive around until you find a restaurant that you have never heard of and give it a shot! You might hate it, but you also might love it. Either way it will make for an interesting date and you will have something to talk about when the night is over.
  8. Skating. Depending on your interests (or skills) you can go ice-skating or roller-skating. Ice-skating is much more romantic if it is in a park in the winter, but it can still be fun in an indoor ice rink. Roller-skating is great, especially if you go with some of your friends. This is great thing to do when you are first starting to get to know someone because it is fun and you don’t have to talk a lot if you don’t have a lot to talk about yet.
  9. Game Night. This is something you can do with all of your friends. If you don’t know each other’s friends, this is a great way to connect. Also, who doesn’t love playing games! This is something fun that you can share together and that you can share with the people you care about. Also, if you play games like Charades or Pictionary, it will be a great opportunity to get to know each other in a silly way.
  10. Drive In Movie. Yes, they do still exist. And yes, they are the perfect date spot. Although drive in movies have changed over the years, they are still around and still great. You can see one of the latest flicks and enjoy it from your car! This can be a very sweet, romantic date that is still very fun, simply because it is something different!
  11. Ice Cream. Although this might seem a little cliché, it can still be a fun date! Although you might want to do something other than get ice cream for a date, this can definitely be a great alternative for going to get coffee or dinner but you still get the really good quality time to talk with each other. This can also be a more casual thing to do with someone you just met—so pressure’s off!
  12. Go to a Play. Instead of going to a movie, check out a local play! This is probably something you would want to do with someone that you have already gone on a few dates with because you won’t have a huge opportunity to talk with each other. However, it is definitely a perfect event for a date night.
  13. Take a Walk. Sometimes simple is perfect. This is a great thing to tag onto the end of a date. Going on a walk gives you a chance to just talk without having an agenda—and you don’t necessarily need to have a destination or any sort of time limit. You can do this at anytime, day or night, and you can take a walk anywhere.
  14. Hiking. Although some people aren’t super athletic, this is something that most people enjoy. A hike is a great opportunity to do something that isn’t expensive but that is still a lot of fun. The best time to go hiking is the Fall or the Spring because of the beauty of nature at those times of the year. Be sure to bring some water and snacks for when you reach the top—and prepare for a beautiful view to share!
  15. Festival. Although you kind of have to luck out with this one, it is definitely a perfect date opportunity for a new relationship. Festivals have tons of things to do from rides to games. Also, you will have a lot of opportunities for people watching, which is always a good bonding experience! Search out when festivals are coming to a place near you, or maybe search one a little farther away so that you can have a fun road trip! (Read: Hit the Road Jack – 11 Things to Consider Before Your Next Road Trip)



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