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16 Tricks Every iPhone iOS7 User Should Know

Closing Apps in iOS7With all of the new updates that Apple keeps putting out, it can be hard to keep up! How are we supposed to know all of the secrets that are embedded in the updates if we can’t even keep up when we are supposed to download the newest version?

Apple recently had a huge system overhaul with their iOS7 update, effectively making the iPhone and iPad better, brighter, and faster than ever before (their words). Many users love all of the changes that came with the new update, while just as many others are wishing for the way things used to be.

But regardless of where you stand on the debate, you have to admit that some of the new features are pretty cool. Unfortunately not everyone heard about or took time to read through the changes made in the new operating system and therefore they don’t even realize all that it is capable of!

The new iOS7 update came with a ton of exciting changes, and here are some of the updates that you might have missed in the midst of the crazy aesthetic changes.

  1. Swipe Down for Search. This is not that different from the older version of the iPhone. Instead of swiping to the right to search your phone, you just swipe down and the search bar comes up. Not terribly exciting, but definitely different than it was before!
  2. Swipe Up for Toggles. The new update has Toggles! When you swipe up you can access airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Portrait Orientation, Screen Brightness, Music, Flashlight, Alarms, Calculator, and Camera. This is exciting because it is basically a shortcuts bar! It is a much easier way to access the things that you frequently use.
  3. Reveal Timestamp for Messages. You get in an argument with one of your friends about the exact time you sent a text message and until the Update, it was impossible for you to settle it! Luckily, you can now settle disputes super easily with the new timestamp feature. When you are in your messages, you just swipe over to the left to see exactly what time each message was sent or received.
  4. Level. Yes, there is a level built into your iPhone. So next time you need to hang a picture, don’t worry about finding the level hidden somewhere in your garage—just pull out your phone! Go to the compass app and swipe to the right to find the level. Who knew your iPhone could double as a handy tool?
  5. Close Safari Tabs with a Swipe. Although all of your Safari tabs come with a convenient little X at the top left corner, you’re too good for that. Just swipe the tab to the left and the page will disappear! So much more convenient than having to touch that tiny little X every time.
  6. Multitasking. This is an interesting feature. Remember how you had to close out all of your apps at the bottom of your screen? Not anymore! Double click your home button and all of your open apps will pop up. You can scroll through them to access an app you were just using instead of having to look in the depths of all of your organized folders or you can just swipe up to close them out. It’s as easy as that!
  7. Blocking. So that blind date that you went on last week won’t stop calling you? I mean, don’t they realize that it’s just not going to happen? Luckily, with the new update you can block calls and messages from that persistent person and then maybe they will get the hint. Simply open your “Phone” app, go to the contact you want to block, and click “Block this number.” Done. No more dealing with those annoying messages.
  8. Burst Mode. The new camera features are pretty exciting for the iOS7. Need to capture a moment in rapid-fire succession? No problem for the new update. You can either hold down the button to take multiple pictures or you can quickly keep pressing it at whatever speed you want. You will get action shots like a boss.
  9. Filters. With the new update, you can now actually take pictures with filters—innovative, right? So you want to have black and white photos? Great! Take the pictures with the black and white filter so that you can get the lighting right. You can also take square pictures which is great for Instagram because then you won’t have to deal with awkward cropping.
  10. Photo Grouping. Remember that picture you took that one time… maybe May of last year? Gosh, that is a lot of pictures to scroll through—psyche! Not anymore! Now your pictures have been sorted by date and location. You can see the pictures you took in March, 2013, or on that cruise to the Bahamas. Such easier access—especially if most of your memory is devoted to your photos.
  11. Respond with a Text. You get a call in class or in a meeting and you don’t want to just silence it. Luckily, you can respond with a text from the call screen—and you can even personalize your messages! So maybe you want to say something sweet like, “So sorry I missed your call, I will call you back as soon as I possibly can!” Or you could keep it short and simple: “In class.” Whatever your style is, you can make it your own.
  12. Walking Directions. This is an especially good feature for those living in a city where you will walk more than you drive. You can change your maps options to give you walking directions instead of driving directions, which is really convenient if you are trying to decide if you just want to drive.
  13. Frequent Locations. This is definitely one of the creepier features, but it is actually kind of cool after you stop worrying about exactly how much of your life Apple knows about. You can find you’re the locations that you go to the most and in your control center, your phone will tell you how long it will take you to get to the place you normally go. For example, if you usually go to a gym after you go to work, your phone will learn your patterns… Take that how you will.
  14. Long Pressing for “.com”. This is a nice little shortcut. When you are on Safari, if you hold down the period button, you will have the option of choosing from different “.com’s” or “.edu’s.” Not terribly exciting but definitely a fun shortcut!
  15. Create events from messages. “Hey, want to hang out tonight at 9:00?” Ya sure, and while you’re at it, go ahead and put it in your calender because it is just so easy. In the new update, you can click a time or day mentioned in any of your messages and directly link to your calender to create an event. Perfect for our short-term memory loss and technology induced ADD.
  16. Shared Links in Safari. This is pretty nifty. If you open Safari and then go to your bookmarks, you can click on the “@” option and all of the tweets in your twitter feed that contain links are listed. Now you don’t have to open up links in twitter anymore!



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