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16 Tricks Every iPhone iOS7 User Should Know

iPhone iOS7 Tips and Tricks

With all of the new updates that Apple keeps putting out, it can be hard to keep up! How are we supposed to know all of the secrets that are embedded in the updates if we can’t even keep up when we are supposed to download the newest version? Apple recently had a huge system overhaul with their iOS7 update, ... Read More »

Going the Distance – 7 Ways to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Tips to Surviving Long Distance Relationship

Relationships are hard—throw in the factor of it being long distance and you have something that may seem impossible to keep together. Although long distance relationships have their challenges, don’t get discouraged when you hit bumps in the road. Just remember that all of your friends that have their significant other close by have to endure fights in person rather ... Read More »

3 Things to Seek in Low Interest Rate Credit Cards


Whether by coincidence or design, virtually half of the credit card users in America maintain a balance forward status from month to month on their accounts. More often than not, the state of the economy certainly dictates the level of flexibility in any budget, and when it comes to making a budget work, any creative thinking is worth the effort. ... Read More »

Look Cool in the Cold—9 Clothing Tips for Men

Fall Clothing Tips for Guys

Fall is finally here! It is time for football, family, and holidays. Along with this cool weather comes great, trendy fashion for men. Fall is one of the best seasons for men’s clothing. Not only are there many different stylish outfits, but the clothing also seems to change your physique for the better. Long pants help to make you look ... Read More »

10 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence Around the Opposite Sex

Boost Confidence Around Opposite Sex

It can be so intimidating to just walk up to that cute girl and start up a conversation. Making eye contact with that guy that just walked in could send you into a panic. When someone you see or have just met is stunning it is natural to be a little nervous starting a conversation. But being completely impaired, whether ... Read More »