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Drink Your Cares Away – 10 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

Smoothie for Weight LossLosing weight can often feel like a losing battle. However, don’t be discouraged; you can do it! It can be really overwhelming to completely change everything that you are eating, especially if you are responsible for cooking for other people or if you don’t have time to cook and eat out for most of your meals (Read: 10 Quick and Simple Cooking Tips for the Working Mom).

One of the easy ways to start a diet is by paying attention to what you are drinking. We don’t realize how many of our calories come from our drinks—especially with our culture of free refills and extra large to-go drinks! Don’t think that you will just have to start drinking water all the time and won’t be able to enjoy a normal drink again—healthy living is all about moderation.

However, being aware of what you are consuming is a good place to start. Are you mostly drinking soft drinks? Or do you take a lot of sugar and cream in your coffee? Maybe you just like to relax after work with a beer. Having these things every now and then is not bad. However, if you want to be serious about dieting try replacing one of these unhealthy drinks with a healthier choice.

Although you could try drinks that are produced by dieting companies, try these more natural drinks first. It is always good to go with natural things because they tend to be less expensive, more readily available, and better for you in general. You don’t want to be putting a bunch of weird chemicals in your body if you are trying to cleanse your body. Try out these top natural drinks to help you lose weight!

  1. Water. The secret to any successful diet: water. It is almost annoying how magical water is when it comes to dieting. Water is a great drink to start drinking if you are wanting to lose weight. Drinking a glass of cold water as soon as you wake up can start your metabolism and help you to start losing weight right at the beginning of the day. Sometimes, water can seem boring. If you want to have a little more fun with your water, try adding some natural flavors like cucumber or mint. This can help it seem less bland! No matter how you decide to consume your water, be sure to drink a lot of it! (Read: 9 Reasons Why Water is the Best Drink in the World)

    Water can help flush out toxins from your system, so if you are starting a diet, it is good to drink a lot of water at the very beginning to help clean out your system. Make sure you keep drinking water to maintain your healthy habit! Water will keep all of your organs functioning smoothly and will keep your blood clean, so be sure to drink up!

  2. Smoothies. Are you craving something sweet? Like ice cream or a milkshake? Instead of just denying your craving, fill it with something else! Smoothies are a great drink to help you lose weight. Be sure to not add any kind of extra sugar—fruit is naturally sweet enough! Eating fruit is good for you and will fill you up more than some fake, sugary drink. Another thing you can add to your smoothies is Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt helps to boost your metabolism and helps in your digestion process. Try out smoothies next time you have a sweet craving!
  3. Peppermint Tea. Feeling cold? Have a nice hot cup of peppermint tea. Don’t add any sugar or cream though! Not only will peppermint tea warm you up, but it will also help your body process fat. Peppermint tea also makes you feel full, so you can use it if you are feeling hungry but don’t want to over eat—it will curb your appetite. Peppermint has traditionally been used for many health benefits, so you will not only lose weight by drinking peppermint tea, but you will also be healthier in general.
  4. Green Tea. Green tea is another magical weight-losing drink. Green tea helps to burn calories and fat. If you drink green tea with your meals, you will feel full more quickly and you will be burning calories while you eat. You can drink green tea hot or cold, and both are just as beneficial to weight loss. Don’t add any extra sugar to your green tea, and try to get green tea with caffeine because caffeine will also boost your metabolism.
  5. Vegetable Juice. Vegetable juice is a great substitute for your normal drinks. Not only do you get a serving of vegetables, but you will help reduce your appetite because your body is getting essential nutrients from the juice of the vegetables. Although vegetable juice can be an acquired taste, it is actually better than you think! Most vegetables are actually naturally sweet so it really is a juice. This can almost be used as a meal substitute, but be sure that you are including the right amount of vegetables so you are still getting plenty of nutrients!
  6. Whey Protein. Although most people associate whey protein with working out and bulking up, it actually helps you to stay trim. Whey protein curbs your cravings by suppressing your hormones. So if you find yourself being overcome by cravings all the time, start adding whey protein into your drinks. You can also add it in to smoothies. The best time to drink it is at night so that the proteins can be released into your system while you sleep. It is a good investment because you can add it to most drinks because it is a powder.
  7. Coconut Water. For those of you that really hate water (because it is just so boring) coconut water might be the best alternative for you! It is tastier than regular water and will naturally speed up your metabolism and give you more energy. This energy will keep you motivated to work out and will ultimately definitely help you lose weight. Coconut water is very refreshing and will be a nice alternative to normal water. Also, coconut is becoming more popular so you can find it at most grocery stores and even some gas stations.



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