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More Energy… More Alertness With Essential Oils

Who needs more energy? Me! Who needs more mental alertness? Me! How about you?

I know I sometimes feel a drag when I first get up in the morning. I’m definitely not a morning person, and it doesn’t help that in my strive to be healthy I do not drink caffeine like most people. Sometimes there is an afternoon lull in the day, when if I stop for a moment

I feel the exhaustion setting in. Many people will go for sugar or caffeine again, but there are better choices! Essential oils are your answer for a quick fix without the bad empty calories. There are a lot of choices among single oils and blends. Let’s go over a few of the most popular:

Peppermint is a versatile essential oil that has been widely studied for its potential health benefits and to enhance mental acuity. It can be strong so use with caution if any medical conditions such as seizures or respiratory disease exist.

Lemon is amazing for mental clarity and to help uplift your mood. It is invigorating with a very pleasant scent to most noses.

Idaho blue Spruce is grounding and creates the feeling of emotional balance, which may support clearer thoughts. My favorite thing to do is to diffuse this in some essential oil jewelry and I can enjoy the benefits all day long

En-R-Gee is a specially formulated blend that may help improve one’s energy in a natural way without overstimulating or creating problems that may be uncomfortable. May also help with mental alertness.

Brain Power is a powerful blend of oils! May increase mental capacity, mental clarity and reduce the symptoms of “brain fog” while supporting clear thinking! This one is great for concentration at work, testing, or during homework!

Clarity has a distinctive Basil scent, which is a favorite among some families. This blend may help with memory retention and mental alertness. It may also be a stimulant for low energy. The name says it all!

Use these essential oils anytime you need to be more alert and energetic! I wouldn’t suggest using them at night unless you need to stay awake however.



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