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6 Excellent Ab-Ripping Exercises to Adopt Right Now

Ripped AbsSome people have abs that are described as “ripped,” “shredded,” and “toned”. You might be envious of these picture-perfect abdominal muscles, but you’re in luck!

Those rock-solid abs didn’t develop overnight but after weeks of training, and those exercises are available for you to utilize in your own workout.

We have crunched through multiple ab exercises to find six of the best suited to shred fat and expose muscle. As with any workout program, the goal is patience and consistency.

You can’t expect to be ripped within a few days. It will take at least a few weeks. But if you don’t give up, then at the end of those few weeks you will start to see amazing results (Read: Top 15 Killer Fat-Burning Exercises).

So, are you ready to shred?


  1. Weighted Crunch. This is basically a regular crunch but with a weight plate, dumbbell, or weight ball. Lie in a normal crunch position: flat on your back with your knees bent. You can hold the weight either on your chest (easier) or with your arms outstretched above your head (harder). Pull with your abs and raise your torso as close to your legs as you can get. Hold for a second, then release and repeat.Weighted Crunch
  2. Hanging Leg Raise. For this exercise you need a chin-up bar or something you can hang from. Start with your legs hanging straight down, then raise them until they make a 90-degree angle to your torso. Hold for a moment at this position to really feel the burn, release your legs back down, and then repeat. For variety you can alternate raising your legs to the right or left.Hanging Leg Raise
  3. Side Crunch (Side Jackknifes). This exercise will rip your obliques, but in a good way. Start by lying on your right side, with your right hand on the floor and your left hand behind your head. Then pull with your obliques to bring your torso and left leg towards one another. Squeeze for a moment, release, and repeat. Make sure you flip over and do an equal number on your left side. And if you’re not feeling the burn, then add some ankle weights for greater resistance.Side Crunch
  4. Floor Wipers. For this exercise you will need a weighted barbell. Lie on your back with the barbell held straight above your chest. Keep your arms steady as you raise your legs (keeping them together) and swing them towards your left hand. Hold for two seconds, and then swing your legs over so that your feet are near your right hand. Lower your legs back to the ground and then repeat.
    Floor Wipers
  5. Cable Crunch. For this exercise you will need a resistance machine with a robe attachment on the pulley. Start by kneeling beneath the pulley. Grab the rope and bring it down to the back of your head. Keeping your hips stationary, flex and contract your abs so that your elbows come down to your thighs. Hold the contraction for a second, then release and repeat.Cable Crunch1
  6. The Plank. Along with the ab-shredding exercises you need some that will build your core strength, and the plank is perfect for this. All you have to do is hold yourself up by your elbows and toes in the prone position. Sounds easy, but after a while it will start to burn. Hold for as a long as you can. For a variety you can mix in side planks, single-leg side planks, weighted planks, etc.Plank

So there you have six of the best exercises for shredding and toning your abs. Stay focused and consistent and you will definitely see results. But your other muscles also need attention, so don’t stop your workout there. Check out our other articles on weight training and exercise that are perfect for both guys and girls (Read: 11 Ways to Workout and Keep Your Feminine Form).




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