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Revamp Your Bedroom with 7 Basic DIY Ideas

DIY bedroom decorationThe bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your house. Between sleeping, work, and all kinds of play, most Americans spend about a third of their lives there. So it is only natural that you would want to give it a little decorating love and attention. But what do you do when you want to spruce things up a bit?

Those who use their money like fireplace tender will have no problem just paying an interior decorator or shopping at Kirkland’s. Those who pinch pennies may have to settle for cheap items from Target or Wal-Mart. But there is another option, and it works equally well for both kinds of people.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts are becoming a very popular method for decoration. They are usually inexpensive so they don’t break those on a budget, they let people explore their creative side, and they are just a lot of fun (Read: Embellish Your Bathroom With These Your 10 DIY Tips).

Here are seven basic DIY bedroom decorations for you to proudly show off to your friends.

  1. Add some color. The most common method of redecorating is to add to or change the existing color scheme of the bedroom. This can be anything from repainting the walls to adding pictures and other wall art. Some people like to repaint all of the walls at once. Others repaint a single wall (called the accent wall) to provide a little pizazz. You can also repaint your nightstand or other pieces of furniture. Whatever you do, go for soothing colors like shades of green and blue instead of lively hues like orange and red.

    As far as wall art goes, there are thousands of cool little crafts you can do. You can put nails into a thin sheet of wood and wrap around them with yarn to create different kinds of string art. Another idea, and one for the more extreme DIYs, is to put crayons through a hot glue gun to make colorful drippy patterns on a canvas. A third trick is to paint coffee stirrers or paint sticks and put them up in various patterns and ways (like stacked or spreading out around a mirror). The list goes on.
  2. Mix up the hardware. Another easy way to mix things up a bit is to change the hardware on your dressers, nightstands, and anywhere else you have drawers and knobs. You can take the drawers out and replace them with ones from a different style (like mixing modern and vintage, or country and chic). You can also replace the knobs on something for a simple yet nifty effect. Any hardware store or craft store should carry single knobs and you should experiment with different kinds, like ones made of glass, metal, or various painted designs.
  3. Add some fabric. If you are adept with the sewing machine then there are all kinds of fabric crafts you can make. New curtains for the windows or new runners, throws, and blankets for the bed are some basic ideas. The latest decoration craze is piling mounds of “decorative” and non-functional pillows on top of the bed. To help cut costs you can fashion your own pillow cases out of two pieces of fabric.

    If your sewing machine skills are lacking, there are other ways you can add fabric accents to the bedroom. One easy idea is to pin pieces of fabric to a board and then put a frame around it, creating a fabric picture. Or you can leave out the frame and just staple the fabric to the back of the board for a more simplistic look. Another idea is to use liquid starch to attach fabric to your wall like wallpaper. The great thing about fabric is that it comes in so many different colors and patterns, meaning you can do a lot with just a little.
  4. The customized headboard. Along with hoarding pillows, creating your own customized headboard is quickly becoming the next new thing in bedroom decoration. You can make a new headboard out of pretty much anything. Some people just reupholster current headboards with new fabric. Others use recycled wood or shutters to build their own. An even simpler idea is to just use paint or wallpaper to create a backdrop that replaces the need for a headboard (at least aesthetically speaking).
  5. The chalkboard wall. Chalkboard paint is a lot of fun. Using a spray paint or its liquid form you can apply it anywhere and make a chalkboard surface out of just about anything. One neat way to use this DIY art in the bedroom is to apply it to the entire surface of one wall. Then you can use chalk to draw pictures, write your favorite quotes, or do whatever you want on it. This idea can be especially fun in a child’s bedroom; allowing them to decorate their own walls however they please. Just be sure to emphasize their wall art is confined to that one wall only or things could get messy.
  6. Try wall decals. If painting is not your thing, and you want something a little easier than fabric, then you can try out various wall decals. These also come in all different kinds of patterns and shapes, allowing you to put your own personality onto your walls. It is like wallpaper on a smaller scale, and also less permanent and less difficult to apply.
  7. Try different lighting. A bedroom shouldn’t have abrasive overhead lighting, but rather simple and subdued illumination. Try wall scones or nightstand lamps that are close enough to the bed but that also have different brightness settings to match your mood. You can also use string lights to create a magical and relaxed atmosphere. One idea is to poke them through holes in canvas to create cool constellation wall art. Or you can incorporate them into your customized headboard. Another method is to have them hanging around your bed, either draped between high bedposts or hanging down with thin fabric around the perimeter of the bed (creating your own cozy tent of sorts).

Most of these DIY ideas are simple enough that even the least crafty person could complete them. Just know that you may have to try a few times to get it just right (or you can leave your imperfections because modern art is hip).  The other great thing about these ideas is that you can build them from the ground up, creating perfectly customized pieces of art that you can take full credit for.

In the wide world of DIY decoration I’m sure you’ve seen or come up with other ideas for the bedroom. Feel free to share the love and mention them in the comment section below!



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