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9 Plants that Thrive in the Winter

Winter PlantsSometimes in the winter the landscape can get pretty drab. Most of the pretty flowers have died and won’t be reappearing until the spring. It can be a little depressing in the winter when the warmer weather leaves along with all of its beautiful colors.

If you keep a garden during the spring and summer then it can also be frustrating to watch all of your hard work wither and die when the temperature drops. Some people will sigh and simply wait for spring to plant again, but the ardent gardening enthusiast will want plants that they can take care of and show off all year round.

Instead of just getting upset, fill your yard with some plants that will liven up your winter landscape! Some flowers and bushes can survive the cold, and actually there are some which only grow in the winter. Just because it is cold does not mean you can’t enjoy some color!

Here are some plants that will keep your yard beautiful all through the cold winter.

  1. Camellias. This is a hardy type of plant that is of the Evergreen family. It will bloom with beautiful flowers in the winter, but even when the blooms fall, you are left with beautiful, evergreen leaves that will give any garden or yard some color for the winter. These plants should be planted in a milder season though because they can get scorched in extreme heat or they can freeze in extreme cold if they haven’t been established. They should also be watered regularly and pruned so that they stay healthy and hydrated. Camellias come with different colored blooms, so choose your plant based on what color you want your flowers to be and enjoy these plants all throughout the year!
  2. Holly. Holly is a classic winter plant that never gets old. Holly is great for many reasons. The leaves on holly plants have a beautiful color and a unique shape that will add variety to typical bush-type plants. Holly also has luscious, red berries that will brighten up any nature scenery. The red pop is nice against the sometimes monotonous greens and browns (and whites) of winter. Berries mean birds, so holly makes a great nesting place for birds in the winter. This can add a lot of life and movement to your garden!
  3. Snowdrops. Snowdrops are an exciting bulb plant because they bloom incredibly early—sometimes as early as February! Snowdrops have even been known to actually bloom in the snow! This is a very elegant looking flower that blooms from a stalk and droops down with a beautiful, white bud. It is best to plant these in the fall so that they aren’t scorched by the heat of the summer before they are able to get roots into the ground. This plant will thrive in almost any type of soil and can be planted under trees because they will usually bloom before trees get leaves. This plant can be used in a very artistic way and will be sure to beautify your yard for the bleak winter!
  4. Witch Hazel. This is another plant that doesn’t have to be planted in direct sunlight, which gives you many more options with placement. There are different types of witch hazel and some bloom in different seasons, so be sure to invest in the witch hazel that blooms in the winter. Witch hazel has a very interesting, anemone looking bloom that is actually very fragrant. They come in different colors, but the most common color is yellow. This can add a nice pop of color to your winter garden—and a nice scent!
  5. Hellebores. Hellebores are a wonderful garden plant. They bloom in the winter and can continue blooming for up to 3 months! These plants don’t have to be planted in direct sun, and will sometimes actually do better in the shade. Do you have a problem with deer eating all of your beautiful new blooms? You won’t have that problem anymore if you fill your yard with hellebores because this is a deer resistant plant! This is a great, hardy plant that will be sure to fill your winter landscape with color and life!
  6. The Paper Birch Tree. The paper birch tree is a great tree to invest in for your yard. Not only are the leaves very interesting for the warmer months, but when they die, you are left with a beautiful tree! The interesting bark patterns and colors are a nice change of pace with the usually darker color scheme in the winter. Most paper birch trees have a beautiful grey-white complexion that are a great contrast to an evergreen. This tree will add some dimension to your yard in the winter and will be beautiful in all the other seasons! You will definitely get your money’s worth out of this tree!
  7. Jacqueline Postill. This plant is from the evergreen family and is usually found in medium sized bushes. It will typically bloom in the late winter with beautiful white or purple blooms. These blooms will not only add some refreshing color to your winter landscape, but they will also add some lovely fragrance that will not go unnoticed by admirers! These blooms are followed up by beautiful black berries and always have nice, waxy green leaves.
  8. Winter Jasmine. This is the perfect plant for a winter garden. It grows as a shrub, but has been known to climb up trellises or spill over walls, giving it a much wider realm of possibilities for planting. The stems stay a beautiful green all year round, which will be nice for a winter garden that is usually filled with shades of brown. This plant also blooms in the middle of winter with tons of little, beautiful, waxy, yellow blooms that give off a tantalizing fragrance. This is a must-have for any winter garden!
  9. Northern Bayberry. This is a plant that demands full sun, but can be panted in any type of soil. If it is planted in rockier soil, it will stay pretty small, but if it is planted in richer soil, it can grow up to six feet tall! This plant is from the evergreen family and will bloom in the winter. The blossoms are beautiful and, when crushed, very fragrant. These plants also bloom with striking white berries. Against the green and brown, these berries will be sure to draw the attention of your friends and local wildlife. This is a beautiful plant to invest in for some change-up in your winter landscape!



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