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Getting a Cash Back Credit Card? 3 Bits of Advice


As the name implies, there is no better method of putting cash back into a consumer’s wallet, and budget, than a cash back credit card. By whatever name the current economic situation is referred to, any amount of help a consumer can get in the way of improving their financial picture and budget flexibility is certainly welcome in most American ... Read More »

2 Things to Consider Before Using 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards


Every savvy consumer is well aware of just how important it is to manage their finances sensibly, and often shrewdly, in this troubled economic period of slim-growth forecasts and tight monetary policies. The phrase ‘downturn’ can also apply to how they can keep from making unnecessary purchases, and trimming the already tight budget to cover costs that don’t seem to ... Read More »

3 Things to Know When Comparing Gas Credit Cards


One of the most important commodities used by individuals trying to simply earn a living is gasoline. No commodity is more dependent on so many economic or political factors that trickle down to every consumer’s wallet than gasoline. Whether it is civil or political instability in the Middle East, China or Venezuela, America’s dependence on foreign oil resources weighs heavily ... Read More »

3 Ways to Really Enjoy Your Rewards Credit Card


Unless you happen to live beyond the reach of most economic news regarding the current state of the economy, or have never had to keep a household budget from going into a fiscal melt-down, there is no welcome required into the real world of creative financing. As many savvy consumers are becoming aware, there is a little bit of gold ... Read More »

Go Places: 5 Tips for Getting a Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards, specifically the cards that offer reward programs, can usually be considered a very good investment if one is aware of the best ways to take advantage of them (Read: 3 Ways to Really Enjoy Your Rewards Credit Card). While these cards generally charge a slightly higher interest rate, rest assured that they will be competitive, though most of ... Read More »

2 Considerations About Student Credit Cards


While many students are considering all the adventures and academic challenges awaiting them within the ivied halls of higher learning, there are also the financial aspects of furthering their education that are just as important as maintaining a good GPA. One of the key items to consider packing off to college with them is a student credit card. Credit cards for students ... Read More »

3 Ways to Benefit Big From Business Credit Cards


With the state of the current economy starting to take on some sense of direction, and the credit crisis of a few years ago starting to fade into the distance, lending institutions and credit card issuers are beginning to cast a brighter light on small businesses again. A diminutive but noticeable flow of business credit card offers and promotions are ... Read More »

3 Things to Seek in Low Interest Rate Credit Cards


Whether by coincidence or design, virtually half of the credit card users in America maintain a balance forward status from month to month on their accounts. More often than not, the state of the economy certainly dictates the level of flexibility in any budget, and when it comes to making a budget work, any creative thinking is worth the effort. ... Read More »