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Look Cool in the Cold—9 Clothing Tips for Men

Men Fall FashionFall is finally here! It is time for football, family, and holidays. Along with this cool weather comes great, trendy fashion for men.

Fall is one of the best seasons for men’s clothing. Not only are there many different stylish outfits, but the clothing also seems to change your physique for the better. Long pants help to make you look taller, and nice fitting sweaters help your shoulders to seem broader. What more could you want from your clothes?

Many fall items never go out of style, so you might not even have to go shopping this season. Just be sure to wear your clothes in layers—that way you will be trendy with the clothes you already have.

Fall fashion is pretty straight-forward for men (and women –  Read: 9 Trendy Tips in Cool Weather Clothing for Women). But in case you closet is looking bare here are some must have items for this season.

  1. Jackets. Jackets, jackets, and more jackets! This is an item you will definitely want to invest in this fall. There are so many styles of jackets that if you are diligent with your seeking, you should be able to find the perfect match. There are leather jackets for an edgier look, pea coats for a classic look, and many other styles in between! Not only are jackets a necessary item for you, but how wonderful will it be to offer that jacket up for your date when she starts to get chilly at the end of the night? Jackets are one of the best parts of fall fashion for men.

  2. Long sleeved henleys. This is a classic. You can wear these simple shirts under everything. In early fall, when it is still a little warmer, these are great to wear with the sleeves rolled up. When it starts to cool down more, just roll down your sleeves and throw a jacket on over them and you have a whole new outfit! Buying a couple of these shirts in different colors will ensure that you will always have a trendy, fall outfit at your finger tips.

  3. Sweaters. Guys, you need sweaters. There are tons of different styles to choose from and all of them will be cozy for the colder weather. Shawl sweaters are very trendy this fall and because of their classic look, they will probably be here to stay! Sweaters can be worn under jackets, all alone, or paired with a scarf. No matter how you wear your sweater, you will be trendy for this cooler fall weather.

  4. Boots. Boots are a must-have when the weather starts cooling down. Not only are boots trendy, but they are also very practical (especially if you live somewhere that is snowy or rainy). Boots keep your feet warm and dry and they are very trendy this season. It would be smart to invest in a couple different kinds of boots—maybe some leather ones and some waterproof boots. Also, be sure to choose your color wisely—don’t invest in brown leather boots if you only wear black and grey in the fall. Boots are something that it is good to drop a lot of money on because the better the quality, the longer they will last. Be sure not to miss this fall must-have this season.

  5. Scarves. Scarves are not just for ladies! Adding a scarf to an outfit with a pea coat, jeans, and boots can boost the sophistication of your outfit. Also, scarves carry a very European look, so they might even make you look more classy. Scarves are not just for fashion, though. When it starts to get windy and freezing, you will be glad you invested in a scarf to keep your neck warm. Although girls like having lots of different scarves, most guys will only have one or two. That being said, go all out! Find the perfect scarf for you made with only the best material. Be sure to rock your scarf this fall, whatever style you end up choosing.

  6. Flannel. Flannel is a classic for men’s fashion. Flannel shirts or jackets conjure up ideas of chopping wood and starting fires, which means that to girls you look very manly. It is good to have a couple of different flannel shirts, and even some heavier ones that could be worn as jackets. Flannel shirts can be worn on their own, they could be worn over a long sleeved shirt, they can be worn under a jacket, or they can be worn with the sleeves rolled up for the warmer days in the fall. No matter how you decide to wear your flannel, just make sure you invest in flannel this fall!

  7. Hats. Fall is a great time to wear hats for guys. Beanies are a classic, but you can also try different style hats like Fedoras for the fall. The best thing about hats in the fall for guys is it means you will never have a bad hair day because you can pretty much wear a hat whenever you want once the weather starts to cool down—just beware of hat hair! It might be a good idea to invest in a couple of different hats so that you will always have the right color and style for your fall outfit.

  8. Vests. Vests are a great fall item for men. Vests look great over everything, but they are perfect for wearing over flannel shirts. Vests will keep you warm without constricting your arms, so they are great if you are going to be doing anything that will require a little more movement. This is a great item to have right before the weather goes from cool to cold. However, once fall does turn into winter, those vests will look fantastic under a jacket! Vests are really a great item to have this fall.

  9. Gloves. Guys don’t really have the accessory options that girls have, but you do still have the option of gloves! This is another item that might be good to invest in a higher quality rather than quantity. If you get some really nice, leather gloves, you should be good for the whole season! Gloves are also very practical because cooler weather can be very biting, and instead of having your hands trapped in your pockets, you can free them up by wearing gloves!



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